Lüdenscheid: family traveling in a column crashes into each other, nine injured

Lüdenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia) – Two totally demolished cars, nine injured, a woman in mortal danger … Did a breakneck overtaking maneuver cause this serious accident?

This is indicated by everything that the police have so far determined about a motorway crash on Friday evening. At 9:18 p.m. the emergency call was received by the control center: At the Lüdenscheid junction, two cars crashed into each other and were blown off the road.

A police spokesman: “One vehicle had landed on the roof, the second was on a green space in the exit.” The passengers in both cars were seriously injured, one of them is fighting for survival in the clinic.

The accident apparently happened on the way home of a family in two separate cars. A young man (23) drove ahead in a VW. At the Lüdenscheid junction, he left the A45 when the bad accident loomed. The relatives in the following Ford Kuga also wanted to leave there and apparently catch up as quickly as possible.

The Ford Kuga skidded off the road after the crash

Photo: Markus Klümper / sauerlandreporter.de

A fatal mistake: Immediately before the junction, the Ford driver (25) overtook an uninvolved car, then could not brake sufficiently and shot into the exit much too quickly. It crashed into the rear of the Gulf ahead and catapulted it onto the hard shoulder, where it hit roof first. The Ford also skidded off the lane and only came to a stop in the bushes on a green area.

In addition to the critically injured passenger, the impact in the Ford claimed other injuries: a 19-year-old was seriously injured, two small children slightly injured. None of the relatives in the VW Golf remained unharmed.


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