Lucky guys from Antalya: The fire missed us 20 meters

Antalya – Three people have already died in the flames and at least 183 have been injured.

The forest fire disaster around the holiday paradise of Antalya in Turkey is spreading more and more. The holiday home of the German couple Kurucu from Göttingen (Lower Saxony) almost burned down. The fire roller missed the building by just 20 meters!

Romana Rutz Kurucu (58) on BILD: “We share the property with my husband’s cousin, there are two houses here.”

The buildings are only 20 meters apart. The cousin’s house burned! Fortunately, nothing happened to him. Romana Rutz Kurucu: “Our house spared the fire, a miracle! Many neighbors are left with nothing. We’re so sorry. “

One plot of land, two fates: the Kurucu house in the front is intact, the second house in the back – totally in ruinsPhoto: Celal Cakar

The sky over Antalya Province is full of smoke

The sky over Antalya Province is full of smokePhoto: gurbetcigencler / instagram

The fires broke out on Wednesday and Thursday – in 41 places at the same time, the authorities suspect arson.

Strong winds had pushed the fire to spread in 13 provinces. Most recently, even the popular seaside resort of Marmaris was in danger – two hotels there had to be evacuated.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced an investigation, wants to catch the arsonists.


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