Lucie Pinson, the “carbon killer”

Push your pawns, anticipate the reaction of your opponents, carefully develop strategies… Lucie Pinson’s daily life sometimes resembles a game of life-size chess – a game she adores moreover. For seven years, this Nantes woman, recognizable by her large black-rimmed butterfly glasses, has embarked on a battle that many considered lost in advance: to push the main financial players to “turn off the tap”. In other words, to convince them to stop granting funding to fossil industries, large emitters of greenhouse gases. Because finance, she likes to recall, is the most polluting sector in the world:

“Because it is at the heart of our economic system and because without it no activity is possible, it is fueling the ongoing climate catastrophe more than any other. “

His conviction: “We can only change the world if we change finance”, explains, full of determination, the 35-year-old activist, sitting in the modest premises of her young NGO, Reclaim Finance.

Faced with the ecological emergency, Lucie Pinson wondered for a long time what to do: reviewing her lifestyle was obvious for the one who has called herself green since she was born. “High as three apples”. But what else? “Like many, I did not see what I, alone, could do more in the face of this catastrophe and these growing injustices”, she says. Until that day when she became aware of the colossal impact of the ba

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