Lübeck: 4855 euros for a 1.5 meter ditch – a case for “BILD fights for you”

Luebeck – Whoever builds a house has a lot of horror stories to tell. Here comes Rainer Holtorf (51), a self-employed cleaning specialist from Nusse in Schleswig-Holstein.

Holtorf ordered a power connection from the network operator TraveNet for his new bungalow, but was surprised at the high bill: 4855 euros.

Holtorf: “They only had to dig a 1.5 meter long ditch.” For comparison: the water connection cost “only” 1800 euros. The BILD reader: “I already complained about the bill in February 2021, but TraveNet didn’t want to help me. They ignored me. That’s why I turned on BILD.”

The editors of “BILD fights for you!” confronted the network operator with the breakdown. Then suddenly everything went fast. TraveNet admitted: the bill is actually too high. Lars Hertramp, Head of Public Relations at Stadtwerke Lübeck, on BILD: “We regret that the installation of a house connection caused inconvenience for your reader Mr. Holtorf. We’ll recalculate again.”

Holtorf: “I’m supposed to pay 1,610 euros less now. I only have you at BILD to thank for that. Excellent! I put the money in my garden.”

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