Lower Saxony trend: survey sees SPD ahead, CDU crashes

Hanover – Survey hammer in Lower Saxony!

If there were state elections on Sunday, the SPD would have 30 percent and would be the strongest force in the country. That is the result of the Lower Saxony trend of the opinion research institute INSA on behalf of BILD.

For the first time in more than two years, the SPD has been able to leave its coalition partner CDU behind in surveys. The reason is a clear drop in approval for the Union.

Specifically, the SPD would come with Prime Minister Stephan Weil (62) to 30 percent, that is 3 percentage points more than in the INSA survey in November 2020. The CDU landed at 26 percent – a loss of 8 percentage points.

The Greens stayed stable at 18 percent. The FDP would also be a winner and rose to 9 percent (+3). The AfD would come to 7 percent (+1), the left would miss 4 percent (-1) in the Lower Saxony state parliament.

INSA boss Hermann Binkert states: “The negative national trend is also having an impact on the Union in Lower Saxony. MP Weil could rule with red-black or red-green. “

The SPD and the Greens together would have 48 percent. A grand coalition led by MP Weil would have 56 percent.

With a majority of 53 percent, a Jamaica coalition made up of the CDU, the Greens and the FDP could rule together.

The opinion research institute INSA surveyed 1052 participants online on behalf of BILD from March 22nd to 29th.


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