Louis Gallois: “We must fight against the illusions of degrowth”

Before PSA, you had headed Airbus or the SNCF. You have always been a committed citizen, fighting against exclusion and poverty. And it is in the name of these values ​​that you defend the essential role of economic growth, questioned by more and more elected leftists.

My current subject is the questioning of “productivism”. The positions taken by EELV or La France Insoumise officials were followed by the PC or the PS. What is productivism? Limitless production, excessive consumption of resources, pollution, waste, etc. ? Some go further: for them, productivism is growth, and, listening to them, it would have become a source of imbalances for the planet.

Of course, production must reduce its impact on the environment. For that, there are regulations that are getting tougher, and public opinion that pushes in this direction, as well as young people in companies, and now financial investors themselves. This should lead us to turn our factories towards greener growth. But if we conclude that the real way to fight against pollution and climate change is degrowth, there is a serious cause for concern. However, this idea permeates part of the youth.

“The push of green parties, revenge on the productivist left”

He was not explained what the consequences of the decrease would be: first, a reduction in the means of

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