Long queues at the corona test station on the border with Poland

Frankfurt (Oder) – On the border between Brandenburg and Poland in Frankfurt (Oder), one of three mobile corona test centers went into operation on Monday morning. There are more on the A12 motorway and in Guben (Spree-Neisse).

Even before the official opening at 7 a.m. from 5 a.m. in Frankfurt (Oder), a long queue of people had formed at the tent behind the city bridge. Around 150 commuters from Poland stood in line in freezing temperatures, wanted to be tested and take the result with them.

Keeping the distances did not always work

Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa

Due to the sharp rise in the number of corona infections, Poland has been classified as a high incidence area by the federal government since the weekend. Entry from the state bordering Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony is only allowed with a negative corona test.

In Poland, the number of infections has risen dramatically in the past few days. Countries and regions in which the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is over 200 within one week are classified as high incidence areas.

According to the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior, commuters need a current confirmation of employment from their employer or client in order to be allowed to enter Brandenburg. Such a certificate allows entry without a prior test. The test can be done at the workplace or on the way there.

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He’s almost there – the test is carried out in the tent

Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa

For foreign citizens who are employed in Brandenburg subject to social security contributions and who can prove this with a current written confirmation from their employer, the costs for at least one corona rapid test per week are covered at public test stations. Commuters who are employed in another federal state – for example Berlin – are considered to be transients in Brandenburg. You do not need a test certificate when entering the country, but you have to leave Brandenburg as quickly as possible.

For all other entries, in addition to the mandatory negative rapid test, there is also an obligation to quarantine.

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Source: BILD

March 22, 2021


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