Long An’s long-legged volleyball team won overwhelmingly: Ngoc Hoa reappeared, Tra My debuted

(Sports news, volleyball news) The return of Ngoc Hoa and Thanh Thuy, accompanied by the impressive performance of young smasher Tra My, helped VTV Binh Dien Long An defeat the defending national champion, Information Command. news FLC volleyball tournament Hoa Lu Cup – Binh Dien 2022.

Ngoc Hoa makes an impressive comeback

Amidst the two football teams VTV Binh Dien Long An and BTL FLC information was struggling in the third half, Ngoc Hoa was launched into the field by coach Luong Nguyen Ngoc Hien, marking the reappearance of the 34-year-old female assistant after 2 years of the tournament. turmeric.

Ngoc Hoa promises to be the strategic card of coach Ngoc Hien

With nasty kicks, Ngoc Hoa continuously helped the Western team score points. The leading monument of Vietnamese volleyball still shows a high level of expertise with the ability to take the first step well, choose a good position, and make the defense of BTL somewhat confused.

Especially with the appearance of Ngoc Hoa, the BTL Information barrier had to be split up, thereby helping Thanh Thuy to be less caught as in the previous round. Ngoc Hoa’s good height helps her match with Thanh Thuy to form a quality barrier that makes the opponent’s attacks difficult. From there, Long An rose to win the third set with a score of 25-16, before winning the next set to win the final 3-1.

It can be seen that even though she only appeared for a few minutes on the field, Ngoc Hoa’s contribution in both professionalism and spirit of competition for the home team is huge. Fans hope that coach Ngoc Hien will use Ngoc Hoa more in the next matches.

Tra My’s 18-year-old counterpart shines

Once declaring no to foreign soldiers to reserve a place for young athletes, VTV Binh Dien Long An presented an impressive name in the victory over the national champion BTL Information, which is Nguyen Thi Tra My.

Long An volleyball team won overwhelmingly: Ngoc Hoa reappeared, Tra My debuted - 3

Tra My is the new element of the Western football team

Playing in the opposite position, this 18-year-old female athlete, nearly 1m8 tall, launched many extremely powerful and diverse shots to score many important points for the home team.

Tra My’s ability to choose position, jump, and arm strength made a strong impression on the audience. Even the fans couldn’t believe that Tra My’s performance came from an athlete born in 2004. Many fans hope that Tra My will continue to improve so that she can share the fire with Thanh Thuy at the team.

“Hot girl” Kim Thanh is dangerous when she returns to the position of assistant

As the top talent in the Western volleyball team, Dang Thi Kim Thanh can play well in many positions such as master, assistant or opposite. With a momentum of 2m95, a bounce of 2m90 and a height of 1m78, the hot girl born in 1999 is considered one of the top players in Vietnam last season.

Long An's volleyball

Kim Thanh played very well when he returned to the assistant position

However, in the recent match, with the appearance of a very good young opponent, Tra My, Kim Thanh was brought back by the coaching staff to play in the position of the school’s assistant. Immediately, the female athlete wearing the number 2 shirt showed the benefit with a lot of powerful smashes to score points.

Kim Thanh’s situations of flexible movement and good finishing all over the field make viewers admire. Besides, this hot girl also shows good grasping ability.

Obviously, despite not recruiting foreign soldiers, with the recent impressive victory against BTL FLC information and the impressive shine of the home athletes, VTV Binh Dien Long An shows that this team will be a strong candidate for the position. champion in the national volleyball tournament this year.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/dan-chan-dai-bong-chuyen-long-an-thang-ap-dao-ngoc-hoa-tai-xua…

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