Live tennis Djokovic – Coria: Overwhelming match

Thursday, May 27, 2021 18:43 PM (GMT+7)

(Live tennis Novak Djokovic – Federico Coria, Belgrade Open men’s singles quarterfinals) Djokovic closed the first set with an overwhelming 6-1 victory, when he completely outperformed his opponent.

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Djokovic took a quick 40:0 lead even though it was Coria’s serve game. Despite gaining a point later, Coria again made a double serve error and lost the break for the third time in the second set against Nole.



For the opponent to score first, but Djokovic continuously launched annoying tires and decisively finished, leading back 30:15. Coria then had two unsuccessful returns in a row, helping Nole win the game.


Again letting the opponent score first, but Djokovic calmly pressed the left repeatedly and led back 30:15. Then Coria had a phase on the net to correct at 30:30. Next, Coria saved the first break-point. After a string of struggles, Djokovic had the advantage after the Argentine made two consecutive double serve errors, then went to victory.


Djokovic continuously served dangerously and quickly led 40:0. Coria got a point but couldn’t defend the shot that followed. Quick game for Nole.


Djokovic made a backhand error, allowing Coria to score first. But again the Serbian led back 30:15 after a very difficult dropshot. The Argentinian player then went out twice in a row and was broken by Nole for the second time.


After making a double serve, Nole hit the net and let Coria lead 40:0. Next, Coria made a great defense on the net, breaking Nole’s serve game


In the third serve game, Coria opened the scoring first, but let Nole lead 40:15 after some unfortunate misses. Next, Coria kicked out and was once again hacked by Nole.


Djokovic quickly led 30:0 after precise tackles on the net. Next, the Serbian had an ace to lead 40:0, then went to a quick victory in the first set.



Djokovic opened the scoring before Coria took the serve, then hit the net with a decisive 30:15 lead. Coria then faced 2 break-points but he only saved 1. Nole went on to have an easy smash, breaking Coria’s game.


Coria played hard in the situation to save the small miss but sent the ball out, then continued to miss to give Djokovic a 40:0 lead. Nole closed the white game with an ace.


Coria played hard and led 30:15 but let Djokovic remove 30:30 after a net. The Serbian player then controlled the ball too well, causing Coria to hit the outside, leading 40:30. The Argentinian tennis player continued to lose his break after a shot out.


Djokovic continued to show his dominance when quickly leading 40:0, after an easy smash. Coria then returned a pretty impressive free-goal serve, but he couldn’t resist Nole’s subsequent forehand.


Djokovic took a quick 40:0 lead even though it was Coria’s serve game. Despite gaining a point later, Coria again made a double serve error and lost a break for the third time in the second set against Nole.

Djokovic is still continuing his hunt for his first clay-court title this year. The world No. 1 stopped early at the Monte Carlo and Serbia Open before reaching the final of the Rome Masters, where he lost to Rafael Nadal.

Live tennis Djokovic - Coria: Overwhelming match - 3

Djokovic is very hungry for a title on clay

At the Belgrade Open, Djokovic opened the tournament at home with a victory over Mats Moraing. It was a match that the 34-year-old tennis player won after only 2 sets but still did not make fans feel secure. The proof is that Nole was penalized 1 point in the 2nd set for hitting the racket.

Djokovic’s opponent in the quarterfinals is Argentina’s Federico Coria. Being in the quarterfinals of an ATP 250 tournament is certainly an unexpected success for a 96th-ranked player like Coria. He excellently overcame Marko Topo in the first round, before defeating Pablo Cuevas to enter the round of 8 strongest players in this year’s tournament.

Djokovic is clearly much more appreciated than Coria even though this is only the first meeting between the two players. What fans are most interested in is Nole’s performance in the context of Roland Garros approaching.

For her part, Coria will need to put on an inspiring performance if she is to shock Djokovic.


Belgrade Open quarter-finals: Waiting for Djokovic to decipher the world's 96th

(Sports news, tennis news) Djokovic is still continuing the hunt for the first title on clay this year.


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