Listened carefully: Doctor wants to surgically change voice

Source: jampress

Voice too high or too low? No problem, promises Professor Doctor Kürsat Yelken from Istanbul. In his clinic, he offers surgical procedures designed to change the pitch of the voice. Target groups: Men or women who would like to have a higher or deeper voice. Also explicitly addressed to trans people who want to sound a little more feminine, for example. The doctor promises on his website that he can leave his clinic on the same day. The patient is only allowed to speak normally again after a month. It can take up to 12 months for the voice to be used in its entirety. The icing on the cake: With the doctor in Turkey you can straighten your nose or have your lips injected. The university clinic in Erlangen, for example, says caution. So-called “voice-improving surgeries” are also offered here. However, the so-called phonosurgery is an emergency solution, it is also pointed out that such interventions are not vital and are always associated with risks. The urgent advice: preliminary examination, operation and follow-up treatment do not belong in different hands.


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