Lindner is fighting for 3rd place – “We want to catch up with the Greens!”

On this Sunday, exactly one week before the general election, the Free Democrats are meeting in Berlin for a special party conference.

FDP boss Christian Lindner (42) announces a “combat party conference” to BILD am SONNTAG: “We are going into the final sprint. The gap to the Greens in third place is only three percentage points. We want to shorten it and catch up with the Greens. For talks about coalitions it would be an advantage if yellow and green are on par. ”

In the last few months the Greens have in fact almost gambled away a huge lead over the FDP: At the beginning of May there were still 16 percentage points between the Greens (then 27 percent) and the FDP (then 11 percent), today there are only three points: The The Greens are currently at 15 percent, the FDP at 12 percent.

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Lindner’s FDP would prefer to form a Jamaica coalition with Union candidate Armin Laschet as Chancellor and the Greens. But what to do if SPD candidate Olaf Scholz is in the lead in the end?

Even then, Lindner has not given up hope in Jamaica: “The race for first place is interesting, but not decisive for the formation of a government. In the end, over 75 percent will probably not have voted for Mr. Scholz’s SPD. No clear government mandate can be derived from this. According to the constitution, only the majority in the Bundestag counts anyway. “

The FDP leader tries the history books: For example, in 1976 the CDU election winner Helmut Kohl did not become head of government despite 6 percentage points ahead of SPD Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. The FDP prevented that.

CSU top candidate Alexander Dobrindt contradicted this yesterday. “The government mandate goes to the strongest parliamentary group in the Bundestag,” said Dobrindt in “Spiegel”. “I just lack the imagination for a government led by a second-placed Union.”

Lindner is fighting for 3rd place:
Photo: BILD


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