Life insurance: how to properly manage the beneficiary clause

Life insurance contracts represent a colossal amount of 1,800 billion euros. An explanation for this enthusiasm: the tax advantages offered by the retirement savings plan (PER) which offers the possibility of investing in a euro fund (in which the capital is guaranteed) and units of account on the financial markets ( risky investment funds).

But we often forget to approach life insurance from the point of view of the management of the beneficiary clause. Savers are generally content to opt for one of the two general clauses proposed without ever asking the question of changing it.

Why we must get rid of real estate and move towards life insurance at retirement age

1) The subscriber designates as priority beneficiary in the event of death “his spouse who is not legally separated or the person with whom he has concluded a Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS)”. Problem: in the presence of a comfortable heritage, such a provision is overprotective. The allowances are not fully used (152,000 euros per child or per parent).

To read the remaining 75%,
test the offer at 1 € without obligation.

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