Life imprisonment: Burglar killed pensioners with a hammer

Eat – The victim’s face was no longer recognizable …

The Essen regional court sentenced Rafael L. (45) to life imprisonment for murder on Thursday. In April 2020 in Hattingen, he smashed the skull of pensioner Kralj J. (71) with a hammer.

The victim surprised the perpetrator at the break-in. The encounter in the garden at around 9 p.m. ended fatally.

Senior Public Prosecutor Elke Hinterberg (57) at the start of the trial: “He attacked from behind with a solid object to enable the theft, to cover up or to disguise his identity. He grabbed him from behind and hit the skull at least nine times with a sledgehammer with full force. “

Rafael L. was silent during the trial. However, the defendant had written a letter in which he had given information about the crime. This was taken as a confession by the judges.

After the crime, Rafael L. turned himself in to the police and made a confession there. However, this could not be used due to formal errors.

He is said to have been involved in a homicide in his home country of Hungary and was imprisoned there for 14 years.


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