Letters that sow seeds of hope

Holding a letter of encouragement from a young Hanoian, Quynh Nhu (HCMC) couldn’t help but be moved, promising herself to make more efforts.

Quynh Nhu lost her father and grandmother during the most stressful epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City in 2021. Quynh Nhu’s father is the main laborer in the family, since his father’s departure, her house has become unstable and has no support. Facing the loss, I was very sad but still innocent, telling myself that I would study well to make my mother happier. Her innocence is also a ray of light, a motivation for her mother to be stronger on the next journey.

Like Quynh Nhu, Hieu Nghia is also one of the children who lost their father after the pandemic. Nghia is a 7th grader this year, living with her mother and 4-year-old brother. Since his father’s death, Nghia has become much quieter and quieter. I understand that, now, I am the support for my mother and younger brother. “I will try to help my mother do a lot of housework. I will study well and take care of my younger brother to help my mother,” Nghia confided.

Hieu Nghia and Quynh Nhu are two of more than 1,500 children in Ho Chi Minh City who have lost their father, mother or both parents due to Covid-19, according to the announcement of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training. The passing of Covid-19 left great losses that cannot be expressed in words.

In order to share with the children’s plight, many organizations and individuals across the country have reached out and joined hands to help, including the An Binh 2022 New Year program launched by An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBank).

A letter from a child in Hanoi to Quynh Nhu. Image: ABBank

In early 2022, the program served as a bridge to send hundreds of thousands of letters of visit, encouragement and sharing from children, bank staff members from all over the country to children in Ho Chi Minh City.

Handwritten letters and cards containing pure and innocent children’s affection and encouragement were given to the children by the representatives of the program makers. Each letter lights up a hope to help them be optimistic and have more faith and motivation to rise up in life.

In response to that sentiment, Quynh Nhu, Hieu Nghia and many young people in Ho Chi Minh City drew their dreams and expressed their trust thanks to the program organizers’ response and spread. The pictures of the dream tree, the tree for your father, the tree for your mother, together with the An Binh 2022 New Year journey to Van Ban (Lao Cai) – where the program will plant thousands of trees to green the vacant land.

Here, the dream trees in the picture will be realized by local children and An Binh Tet volunteers with newly planted and nurtured green sprouts.


The “Dream Tree” of a child in Ho Chi Minh City wants to convey through ABBank’s program. Image: ABBank

Holding in her hand the answer and also the message about the dreams of your friends in the far distance, Ms. Ban Thi Ngoc, a 1st grade student at Nam Hoc school (Van Ban, Lao Cai) hopes that the children will complete their work. The difficult situation in Ho Chi Minh City will strongly overcome the pain, try to study well. “I hope you guys will emulate with me, to make my dreams come true,” Ngoc shared.

Along with 25,000 other trees planted in Van Ban district (Lao Cai), the special sprouts named and planted by local children are the dream trees sent from far away Ho Chi Minh City. .


The sprouts that carry the dreams and hopes of the preschool generation have been planted in the land of Van Ban, Lao Cai. Image: ABBank

“When love is multiplied, hope will also sprout. Under the care of the children and the people here, small sprouts will grow, spreading love, hope and bringing new life into the world. That little dream flies high, far away,” said the representative of the An Binh New Year program.



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