“Let’s go children”, dance to learn better

Let’s go children ***

by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai

French documentary, 1h50

A fact rare enough to be mentioned, this documentary is already being adapted into fiction under the title of Turgot, which will begin filming in October. Mohammad Hamidi (The cow, born somewhere) will direct it, and Romain Duris will play the lead role. This feature film should also be made into a series, which is indicative of the quality and richness ofLet’s gochildren. “Turgot is Fame! », explains David Bérillon, PE teacher and head of education for the hip-hop section of this Parisian high school at the heart of the film.

In 2014, he created this sports section of excellence which recruits throughout the capital and beyond. In addition to the artistic project, its ambition is to integrate students from working-class neighborhoods to break the spiral of school failure through dance. Directors Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai (Heavy) focus on students entering second year to follow them for a school year. These new ones have not yet completely left childhood behind.

Transforming teenagers

For teenagers from modest backgrounds, entering Turgot represents the shock of encountering a world whose codes they ignore. Their dreams are blurry (“Later, I see myself as a choreographer or a secretary”) and the after-effects of their young years, which are sometimes very present. Charlotte does not know where or when she was born. The idea that, without her adoptive mother, she would certainly be dead torments her, just like the fact that her date of birth is a pure invention of identity. Michelle feels like she’s transparent, and even doesn’t“to be nobody”. Maxime grew up with an alcoholic and violent mother, the person he “love and hate the most in the world” : “She is the source of my rage, of my life, of everything. When I dance, it’s for her. Always for her. » For Charlotte the survivor, to dance is to know that you are alive; for Michelle, it is to exist.

All these young high school students express themselves through hip-hop, which gives everyone the latitude to create their own style. The words collected by the directors are juxtaposed with their dances and their choreographies, which are singularly evocative of their interiority and their emotions. The battlesthese face-to-face encounters where one confronts one another in one’s art with all one’s “determine”, are also great schools of respect and equality between girls and boys. At a distance or immersed in the movement and its fluidity, the camera multiplies the ways of capturing the dance in an energy that radiates on the screen. Like In body by Cédric Klapisch on the trajectory of an Opera dancer after an injury, Let’s go children stages an incredible grace and a raw beauty, real life and its power in addition.

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Portraits of teenagers who are transformed before our eyes, the documentary also paints the picture of a generation to which society gives almost only overconsumption as their horizon. It shows national education at its best with David Bérillon, his headmaster and his fellow teachers, vibrant with benevolence and committed to ensuring that the school of the Republic is the school of all.


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