“Let’s Dance” – Why Rúrik Gíslason doubted himself

On Friday evening it was said again: Let’s dance! And this week, the fans of the show were waiting for a candidate in particular: soccer star Rúrik Gíslason (33).

The Icelander causes real storms of enthusiasm on the net every week and regularly dances into the hearts of the audience and the jury. Last week he and Renata Lusin (33) even got the highest score of 30 points.

Out of gratitude, Gíslason even brought his dance partner Renata with flowers and cakes with a picture: “Thank you very much. We got 30 points because of you. “

Jurors Jorge González (53, left) and Joachim Llambi in the current “Let’s Dance” episodePhoto: Getty Images

But despite this “bribery” she didn’t spare her pupil and took him hard during the tango class. She criticized his attitude: “Not like shitting in your pants!”

Rurik began to doubt his performance and became more and more quiet. Desperate, he sat down on the floor and buried his face in his hands. Were tears coming here?

The Icelander seemed to be putting himself under incredible pressure: “I’ve lost my faith a bit. Tango is always a power struggle and this week I also have a bit of a power struggle with myself. “

Now Renata also showed sympathy: “I think it triggers a panic in him to keep the 30 points.”

But this panic was unfounded. After the joint tango to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, there was almost exclusively positive feedback, especially from the fans.

Only juror Joachim Llambi (56) wanted to get rid of a little bit of criticism: “Personally, the music was a bit too strict for me for a tango. I would have preferred a few more sensual moments. “

The maximum number of points was not this time, but it was enough for a proud 27 points.

But there was even more reason to celebrate with Nicolas Puschmann (29) and Vadim Garbuzov (33). They danced a terrific 30 points this week and literally knocked the audience down.

Dance couple of the evening with 30 points: Nicolas Puschmann with Vadim Garbuzov

Dance couple of the evening with 30 points: Nicolas Puschmann with Vadim GarbuzovPhoto: Getty Images

Kai Ebel (55) and Kathrin Menzinger (32) could only dream of that. Her slow fox was also her last dance on “Let’s Dance”.


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