Let the fish go to sharpen their teeth because they were smacked

BrotherMark Byatt, 64, of Kent, had to take a porcupine puffer fish, Goldie, for a dental check-up because the fins made it inedible.

“The pufferfish’s teeth are like a beak and don’t stop growing over time,” says Daniel Calvo Carrasco, who treats Goldie at Sandhole Veterinary Center. According to the doctor, puffer fish often eat hard-shelled creatures, this process will naturally shorten the teeth.

But Goldie did not mention these foods, although the owner still fed them. As a result, the fish’s upper teeth have grown so much that it interferes with the ability to eat.

Goldie’s increasingly wide smile appeared due to the oversized upper teeth. Photo: SWNS

To overcome this situation, Dr. Daniel had to anesthetize and re-grind the fish’s teeth. The doctor added a lot of oxygen to the water tank so that Goldie could breathe easily during the surgery.

The assistant in the above surgery was nurse Debbie Addison, who used a damp towel to wrap around Goldie’s body to keep the “patient” body from getting too dry. Also nullifies the case that the fish activates its defense mechanism, inflating its body and stabbing spikes around its body.

Next, the doctor will use a dental grinder, file down the part of the tooth that has decreased by about 2.5 cm, enough for Goldie’s mouth to return to normal.

The doctor used a special saw to cut down the broken teeth of the fish.  Photo: SWNS

The doctor used a special saw to cut down the broken teeth of the fish. Photo: SWNS

At the end of the surgery, the fish was returned to a large water tank for resuscitation and responded well. Within five minutes, Goldie was able to flip over and within 10 minutes, was swimming around the pool.

“The whole procedure was done by us in less than an hour. There was no stress and Goldie was sent home two hours later,” said Dr. Daniel.

The animal is gaining weight again and shows no signs of worsening compared to before the dentist visit. Up to now, Goldie has owned a new, smaller and more beautiful set of teeth. Although you will have to adhere to a diet with foods with hard shells, if you do not want to have to grind your teeth again in the future.

Minh Phuong (According to The Sun)


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