Less taxes next year?

Only a few weeks left for some and a few days for others… The tax return leads many of us to wonder about the devices allowing – in the future! – minimize taxes. It will be recalled that if the legislator wished to orient investment in the direction of certain important sectors for France, it is because the “hope of gain / risk” ratio is not of sufficient interest … Better to show yourself selective.

– Investment in innovation through mutual funds in innovation (FCPI) dedicated to innovative companies and local investment funds (FIP) direct your savings towards SMEs. These products offer a tax reduction equal to 25% of your investment. But they carry a risk of loss of capital. My advice: opt for a Corsican FIP at 30% reduction, which most often made the capital invested in the past.

Investments in SMEs: beware of the tax illusion!

– Placement in Sofica intended to finance film production offers a tax reduction corresponding to 48% of your investment. But the yield remains very uncertain. Better to stay away.

– The device of the Girardin law stimulates investment in overseas departments and territories. In return, the State grants you a tax gain representing approximately 15% of the amount of your subscription. Problem: this very complicated mechanism is often requalified. R

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