Leopard attack on erotic model: Only minutes after this photo, Troya bit down


Eisenberg / Nebra – Jessica Leidolph (36) flips through her new calendar. The title page and August still give her goose bumps today.

In the pictures, the erotic model from Thuringia poses in Nebra (Burgenlandkreis) next to the leopard Troya (16): Minutes after these pictures were taken, the big cat attacked.

Jessica Leidolph (36) with her new calendar for 2022

Photo: Christian Schroedter

▶ ︎ “I’ve been making annual calendars with sexy photos of me and my protégés for many years,” says the committed animal rights activist from Eisenberg. “The sales proceeds will be used to maintain my private animal sanctuary.”

Photo opportunity in the senior citizens’ residence for show animals

For her 2022 calendar project, she had a photo opportunity in the senior citizens’ residence for show animals in Nebra in August. Behind the camera: the Jena photographer Harald Krczizek (61, Artono).

The model: “I wanted Harald for the shoot because he exudes calm and I feel protected.”

Leopard attacked Model “This moment was completely unreal”

Leopard attacked Model:

Source: BILD


The photographer recalls: “We had a detailed safety briefing from the boss of the animal boarding house. She made us familiar with the animals and the conditions in the enclosure. “

“The visit was part of my therapy”

Jessica had already taken several shots in different outfits with Troya when the leopard suddenly attacked her and badly injured her head. Krczizek and the head of the pension immediately brought the seriously injured woman out of the danger zone: “We took Jessy into the shower and alerted the ambulance.”

Teaser picture

Jessica and the photographer Harald Krczizek (61) returned to the enclosure in Wangen near Nebra four weeks after the leopard attack

Photo: Christian Schroedter

The fact that the model bravely visited the leopard four weeks after the accident caused astonishment among the public. “The visit was part of my therapy, which helped me to come to terms with the misfortune,” says the physiotherapist, who has been looking after animals in need since childhood.

Then she closes her new calendar, strokes the cover with a smile: “I have found my peace again and have long since forgiven Troy.”

Attack at the photo shoot Model Jessica: “A leopard tore my face to pieces”

Attack during the photo shoot: Model Jessica:

Source: BILD



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