Leonie raped and killed in Vienna: Chancellor Kurz promises her family police protection

Pain, sadness and anger at the killer: Around six weeks after the brutal rape of 13-year-old Leonie in Vienna, her family tries to come to terms with the shock of the girl’s gruesome death. It is even more difficult for the parents because they experience hatred and malice online – and accusations that they did not take care of their child. Suspect: four Afghans between the ages of 16 and 23, they are in custody.

Due to the massive threats, police protection for the family was announced, and patrol cars should ensure safety at their home, reports oe.24. The burial should also be secured with officials. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (34) has also offered Leonie’s family support so that they can contact him personally at any time.

Leonie’s mother comments on hate attacks

Who made the hate comments – unclear. But the allegations that are spread on social media are spiteful. “Mainly because people judge us who don’t even know us,” said mother Manuela in an interview with news.at. Then those who move from medium to medium to make money with our child. And of course those who failed as parents and would not have fulfilled their duty of supervision. There is this pain – and then, to top it all, you are doused with malice. “

Leoni’s sister was the victim of an act of violence

Now comes out: Leonie’s older sister has also been attacked cowardly once, the mother continues. At that time the family was still living in Vienna. Her daughter was beaten up by Chechens at the time, and the perpetrators filmed the crime! The attack was the reason why the family moved a few months before Leonie’s death from Vienna to Tulln, a small town around 40 kilometers northwest of the capital.

The brutal murder of Leonie

Leonie drove to Vienna with a friend on June 25 – without her parents’ knowledge. A 16-year-old Afghan, whom she met on Instagram, is said to have lured Leonie there. At the meeting on the Viennese party mile, three of his compatriots were added, who are said to have made Leonie docile with drugs.

On the night of June 26th they took Leonie to one of the men’s apartment. There they anesthetized her with up to eleven ecstasy tablets. Then her hours of martyrdom began: the men repeatedly fell upon the defenseless girl, beat her, choked her and raped her. Later Leonie was “disposed of” on a tree, then found by local residents.

The suspects are refugees from Afghanistan whose asylum applications have been rejected. They were convicted of drugs and assault several times. But there was no deportation.

The men blame each other for the girl’s death. No trace of compassion for her victim – instead just contempt: “It doesn’t matter that she is dead, she was a slut anyway,” one of the accused said loudly oe.24.


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