Leonie murdered in Vienna: A girl killer should have been in jail

Vienna – Pumped full of drugs, raped, strangled, disposed of like garbage. Those were the last moments in the life of young Leonie (13).

The crime at the end of June this year was a shock for almost the whole of Austria and also caused outrage beyond its borders.

Behind the shabby door to the ground floor apartment of a social building in Vienna, Leonie is said to have been tortured for hours and then killedPhoto: BILD

It quickly became clear to the investigators who had done the martyrdom to the girl: four Afghans between the ages of 16 and 22. At least two of them have a relevant criminal record, one should have been deported from Austria in 2018. But it did not get to that. All four men are in custody.

Now it comes out: One of the suspects should have been in prison at the time of the crime!

Sahel S. (23), who is said to have obtained the drugs on the night of the crime, received a two-year prison sentence from the regional court in St.Pölten in May 2020.

The girl killers left dead Leonie on this tree

The girl killers left dead Leonie on this treePhoto: PVF

As reported by oe24, the refugee was convicted of bodily harm, severe coercion and sexual coercion of a woman who has been traumatized to this day.

Incredible: S. only had to serve a quarter of the sentence and was already out on parole after six months!

After S. was released from prison in November 2020, he consistently blocked a probation officer who wanted to contact him and missed appointments. Because S. did not fulfill this important condition, his parole was withdrawn – but he was not arrested until the night of the crime.

That was the only reason why Sahel S. was at large on the night of the crime and was able to commit the terrible deed!

The perpetrator drove to the apartment with an e-scooter

According to media reports, the Afghan has been brazenly trying to deny himself for weeks. According to the oe24, S. initially claimed that he only got the drugs, but never went to the apartment. However, there should be video recordings that show how S. drove to the crime scene with an e-scooter at the time in question, and all four suspects incriminate each other. Accordingly, the dealer S. is said to have attacked the girl.


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