Leipzig: Sick bitch Lulu (12) has eight stair carriers

Leipzig – It’s only 18 steps, but that seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Because the seriously ill female dog Lulu (12) cannot walk stairs. But now her mistress is heavily pregnant and is no longer allowed to carry her up and down from her apartment on the first floor. A “human stairlift” was therefore searched for via the Internet – and found!

“I’m in my 30th week and there is a risk of premature birth. I am allowed to lift a maximum of three kilos, say the doctors, ”says owner Annika Bader (26). My husband works and I just didn’t know who should go for a walk with her now. I was so desperate. “

Dachshund mix Lulu has cancer and deformed legs and can therefore no longer walk stairs himself Photo: Rico Thumser

The problem: the mixed-breed dachshund has crooked legs and can barely walk. Lulu also has cancer. She lived in the Eilenburg animal shelter until winter. Annika Bader and her husband brought her over so that she could get a lot of peace and love. The woman from Leipzig: “I can’t bring her back now. That would break my heart. ”

The animal shelter employees therefore launched a call and asked animal lovers for help. “On Facebook, the offers of help and news were rolling over and over again. That moved me to tears, ”says the dog owner.

Eight helpers now take turns. One of them is Nancy Reinhardt (34, saleswoman). “I live in the neighborhood and have a dog myself,” she says. “The little one is so cute. I like to play the stair lifter. “


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