Leipzig political scientist: Saxony coalition holds despite Corona demo disaster

Leipzig – The Leipzig political scientist Hendrik Träger does not expect a break in the Saxon coalition as a result of the crisis of confidence.

“The current situation could only pose a threat if the fronts and positions harden further or at least remain at this level,” he told the German press agency.

Dr. Hendrik Träger, political scientist at the University of Leipzig

Photo: Sebastian Willnow / dpa

The SPD and the Greens would have to decide whether they wanted to continue the escalation spiral until the coalition broke.

“Instead of reflexively calling for resignations, the coalition parties should mainly be about demanding a substantial reappraisal from CDU interior minister Wöller and the police leadership,” said porter, referring to the quarrels about the “lateral thinking” demo in Leipzig that got out of hand last Saturday with more than 40,000 opponents of the corona measures.

Most of the participants did not wear a protective mask and did not adhere to the rules of distance. There was also violence against police officers and journalists, among others.


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