Leipzig: More than 1000 violent left-wing extremists expected – police feared riots

Leipzig – How bad will this Saturday be for Leipzig? Although three planned demonstrations were initially banned, the autonomous scene continued to mobilize nationwide and submitted urgent motions against the court decision. The police are preparing a large-scale operation – and are expecting serious riots.

“Whether allowed or not, we will all come to Leipzig together”, threaten the left-wing extremists on the scene portal “indymedia”. “We reject this state. If we can’t do our demos, we’ll find other ways. “

More than 1000 violent left-wing extremists expected

Autonomous last tore cobblestones out of the ground to use as projectiles

Photo: xcitepress / Finn Becker

Should there be demonstrations on Saturday, the officials assume that the course will be “unpeaceful”. The nationwide and partly multilingual mobilization is characterized by militancy and marked aggressiveness, it is said. Internally, one reckons with far more than 1000 violent participants!

Police President René Demmler makes it clear: “Regardless of the number of emergency services, it is practically impossible to guarantee the necessary protection against rioting when a large number of people who are willing to use violence come together in the urban area.”

Teaser picture

Police chief Demmler considers the demo ban to be “unavoidable”

Photo: Rico Thumser

Also explosive: The planned elevator route of the left leads past government buildings and police stations, which have already been attacked several times by autonomists in the past.

Police set up control area

Regardless of the court decision, officials from several federal states should be present in the city as early as Friday evening. In particular, incoming traffic is being increasingly controlled in several places, especially at the main train station. A large-scale control area was built.

From Friday evening (10 p.m.) to Sunday (4 a.m.), the police are allowed to do more checks in the area marked on the map. This includes streets and sidewalks as well as possible adjacent buildings.

Teaser picture

In this area, the police want to intensify their control over the weekend

Photo: Police Directorate Leipzig

The area applies to the following streets and squares: Willy-Brandt-Platz> Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse> Berliner Strasse> Rackwitzer Strasse> Am Gothischen Bad> Berliner Brücke> Brandenburger Strasse> Adenauerallee> Kohlweg> Bennigsenstrasse> Torgauer Platz> Torgauer Strasse> Wurzner Strasse > Breite Strasse> Riebeckstrasse> Prager Strasse> Connewitzer Strasse> Probstheidaer Strasse> Karl-Jungbluth-Strasse> Bornaische Strasse> Prinz-Eugen-Strasse> Koburger Strasse> B2> Hundestrasse> Schleußiger Weg> Rödelstrasse> Antonienstrasse> Gießerstrasse> Endersstrasse> Lützner Strasse / B87> Bowmanstraße / B87> Jahnallee / B87> Ranstädter Steinweg> Tröndlinring> Willy-Brandt-Platz.

Teaser picture

Water cannons, clearing tanks and helicopters will be in action on Saturday

Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa

Court decision on urgent applications expected

For weeks the internet has been mobilizing for the three demos under the motto “All together – autonomous, resistant, irreconcilable!”. On Tuesday, the city of Leipzig announced that the assembly authority had banned the protest due to the risk forecast.

“Three urgent applications were received on Wednesday evening at the administrative court in Leipzig,” said a spokeswoman on Thursday. It is therefore unclear whether the court will decide on Thursday or Friday.

Most recently, in September in Leipzig, a demonstration with several thousand participants got out of control. Among other things, stones flew from the elevator against several bank buildings, and later a large barricade and a smaller fire in the street were lit in the Connewitz district. According to the police, seven officers were slightly injured in the operation.

Antifa demo in Leipzig Black block builds burning barricades

Antifa demo in Leipzig: Black Block builds burning barricades

Source: XCitePress

September 18, 2021


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