Leipzig: Investigations against police officers after Connewitz demo

Leipzig – Despite the prohibition, they ran in the direction of the Connewitzer Kreuz, throwing pyrotechnics, glass bottles and stones at police officers. When the police took action against it on Sunday evening, it got rough. Protesters were brutally brought to the ground, and beatings were also reported (MDR).

Now the police have initiated proceedings against at least one officer because of initial suspicion of bodily harm in the office. The officer belongs to a hundred of the federal police from Berlin who specialize in arrests.

The demonstration got out of hand in the evening

Photo: BILD Leipzig

A police spokesman for BILD: “We have no complaint, but we are investigating on our own initiative to clear up the allegations.”

However, this could take some time, and there could have been more officials who did not act proportionately, the spokesman said.

On Monday, the police reported a total of three slightly injured police officers, 114 identity checks and over ten criminal offenses – including breach of the peace, resistance against law enforcement officers, bodily harm. In addition, a 31-year-old was provisionally arrested after he was caught with a self-made firecracker.


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