Leipzig / Halle Airport: Customs dog finds heroin in a coffee machine

Leipzig – Rasty sits contentedly on the lawn in front of the airport. The shepherd dog can also be satisfied: Rasty has just sniffed out five kilos of heroin hidden in a coffee machine. It was not the only drug discovery by a customs dog at Leipzig / Halle Airport.

As customs spokesman Maximilian Hempel said on Thursday, Rasty’s four-legged colleague hit Buster on April 1st in front of an air freight from Mexico. The customs officials initially only found a water filter on it.

“During the X-ray, the customs officers noticed irregularities. They opened the water filter and a powder mixture appeared. A test carried out using detection technology indicated that the powder contained methamphetamine, ”said the customs spokesman. A total of 25 kilos of the crystal-meth mixture was scraped out of the filter.

Rasty’s big hour struck the next day. A package from the United Arab Emirates irritated his nose. Direct hit. Even the wipe test was positive. During the X-ray, an atypical roller for coffee machines was noticed.

Maximilian Hempel: “After opening, the officers discovered a beige powder in the roller. According to the test carried out, the powder is heroin. “

Customs confiscated the two packages, including the 30 kilograms of narcotics, and initiated criminal proceedings.


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