Leipzig finally really white again after almost three years

Leipzig – It was only three centimeters, but still! According to the German Weather Service, there was a closed snow cover in Leipzig for the first time since March 17, 2018 – thanks to Lisa.

The city cleaning service was out and about with a total of 15 gritting vehicles from 2 a.m. During the day, it wasn’t just Clara Park that became a snowman gallery. The toboggan run at the Wart was more like a mud fight from noon onwards …

Christina (7) and Jack (10) built a snowman in Schillerpark

Photo: Rico Thumser

It was different almost three years ago: At that time, at least 20 centimeters of fresh snow fell on the night of the Saturday of the Book Fair, and the main train station had to be closed because of the snow masses.

Is it going on like this now? Graduated meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met: “The next few days it will also snow again and again, with slightly positive temperatures. During the night the whole thing threatens to freeze over again. “

However, it can be assumed that the temperatures for the cold season will be a bit too high this year as well. So soon all that remains of the white splendor will be mud …


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