Leipzig: Eight million for no premiere

Of: j. Richard

Leipzig – It is befitting, the new stage for “Countess Mariza”. In front of it 640 armchairs, covered with red velvet, placed in a hall with excellent acoustics.

8 million euros have flowed into the musical comedy hall over the past two years. The operetta countess should be given the honor of the first performance. But on Saturday the seats will remain empty.

8 million euros for no premiere!

Soprano Lilli Wünscher was supposed to sing Mariza and has been looking forward to being on stage again in front of an audience for months. “Of course we dream of a full house,” she says. “We would like to show how beautiful it is here.”

Sound engineer Tobias Finkel (53) at his new mixer

Photo: Susann Friedrich

The planned opening gala is now being postponed to autumn – and the artists rehearse for so long in the Corona rule mode: “We singers have to keep six meters apart,” explains Lilli Wünscher.

In addition, the choir has been divided and is far apart. That means: The part in the back of the stage has to start a bit earlier so that the vocals still stay in sync. And in the new, lower orchestra pit, the singer does not see the conductor at all: to prevent aerosol transfer, the musicians are covered with a fleece …


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