Leipzig: Alluvial forest killer disguised himself as a jogger

Leipzig – The killer disguised himself as a jogger, and hit his victim on the head with a hammer! The testimony of eyewitness Yvonne O. (32) in the process of the Auwald murder reveals the whole cold bloodedness with which Edris Z. (31) is said to have killed his ex-girlfriend Myriam Z. († 37).

Despite the bitter resistance of Edris Z.’s defense lawyer, the only witness testified on Wednesday how she witnessed the bloody act. She was walking with her son in the alluvial forest on April 8, when two people met her shortly after one another, the psychologist from the southern suburb recalls.

“First I met the mother and her baby, and shortly afterwards a jogger. He was dressed athletically, wore a face mask, and ran past me very quickly. I noticed that because nobody else had a mask. “

While she stopped with her child to look at an old tree trunk, a few minutes later she heard strange noises. “The woman whimpered and when I turned around I saw two people lying on the ground about 30 meters away.”

When she noticed that the man was pulling on the woman lying on her stomach, she yelled at him to stop. “Then the man straightened up and hit the same spot with an object three or four times with a lot of force, the woman’s head,” said O .. Then he got up and ran away.

The statement by O. should be the decisive evidence against Edris Z. The Afghan-born defense had fought against the woman’s testimony from the start of the trial. According to his defense lawyer, Edris Z. himself is not expected to make a confession for the time being.


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