Laurent Berger: “We have to deconfin ourselves from hatred and bullshit”

This second confinement does not resemble the first. As if the outbursts of solidarity had given way to a sort of withdrawal into oneself …

Yes. In March, the virus was scary. Everyone understood the need to confine themselves, but also to stick together. The economic base was solid, unemployment had fallen. This did not prevent difficulties, but we could still project ourselves into the future. Solidarities have developed, we have helped businesses, we have worked on existing holes in the social protection net.

The new containment is different. In its terms – children can go to school, for example: we have learned from the inequalities that the closing of establishments widened – but not only. The virus is no longer considered dangerous by everyone. The French have less in mind the difficulties experienced by caregivers. Another big difference, the economic situation has deteriorated. The most fragile are once again suffering this confinement head-on, but to this must be added sectors in crisis, social plans, a rise in poverty – there will be 10 million poor people in December! The timing is therefore much more complicated. And alas, the democratic climate has also deteriorated. It is the reign of small sentences, “yaka”, anathemas leaving little room for discussion and compromise. I am therefore more worried, both on the social question and on economic and democratic questions.


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