Late happiness of a woman with two legs paralyzed

ChinaIn October 2021, Yin Houping, 34 years old, married Zhao Yingfeng, 30 years old, the son of a close friend, when he was matched by this person.

Ms. Yin first met Ms. Huang Junping, 51, in Yichang County, Hubei Province, in 2014, when she was a neighbor. At that time, she had just lost her 3-year-old son in a drowning.

Ms. Huang proved to be very understanding of Ying’s pain when she lost her child, so she often went home to talk and share. The two quickly became close friends. A year later, Yin gave birth to a second daughter. During this time, Mrs. Huang was always close to her, helping her take care of her young child.

But misfortune struck Yin again. In 2016, she was paralyzed in both legs when she was crushed by a large tree branch. After the accident, Yin’s husband wanted a divorce, but three years later, both officially filed. During this time, she and her husband lived separately, and the daughter lived with her father because Yin could not afford to take care of her.

Yin Houping and her current husband are 4 years younger – Zhao Yingfeng. Image: SCMP

Fearing that her best friend wouldn’t get over the shock, Ms. Huang asked her son, Zhao Yingfeng, 30, to come and keep Yin with her to keep her happy. She believes Yin’s outgoing personality and her son’s quietness complement each other. Before that, the two had never met, because Zhao worked far away from the age of 18.

In December 2020, Yin talked to Zhao for the first time, but she always found a way to scare the guy to give up. “I can’t walk. I can get my bed sheets and clothes dirty at any time. I might lose the ability to be a mother in the future,” she said. In response, Zhao slowly offered solutions to the woman’s astonishment.

“I’ve discussed it with my parents and no one has bothered about it. Bed sheets, blankets and clothes can get dirty, I’ll wash them. It’s not a big deal,” he said.

Before that, Zhao’s mother also showed him Yin’s videos on Douyin – China’s social network. The young man spent two full days watching almost 200 videos Yin posted and admitted to having feelings for the older girl ever since.

In early 2021, Yin was bedridden for several months when he accidentally fell out of his wheelchair. In those days, Zhao stayed by her side to take care of her, doing everything, including feminine hygiene, cutting nails or washing hair. “That’s when I wanted to marry him,” she said.

Wedding photo of the Yin couple in October 2021.  Photo: SCMP

Wedding photo of the Yin couple in October 2021. Image: SCMP

When their health recovered, in October 2021, Yin and Zhao officially became a legal husband and wife. Next June, they will welcome their first child.

Yin was very excited to welcome her daughter, but Zhao was more concerned about his wife’s health. Many times the young man confided to: “If life is just the two of us, I’m ready to take care of you until old. Moreover, I’m younger than you, it’s not difficult to carry you around.”

Minh Phuong (According to SCMP)


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