Large fire in East Saxony: 1 million euros damage in factory fire

From: b. Schilz

Hoyerswerda (Saxony) – Is an arsonist up to mischief in Bernsdorf? On Saturday morning, 100 firefighters rushed to the major fire in two warehouses. There had already been a fire in the same place 18 hours earlier.

On Friday, around 10:20 a.m., the wood and coal shed on an apartment building on Waldbadstrasse was on fire. The fire brigade was able to prevent the flames from spreading to the house.

Then on Saturday morning the major fire on Otto-Buchwitz-Strasse. Two warehouses of 450 and 1250 square meters respectively burned to their full extent. The extinguishing work lasted over eight hours. Glass bottles and jars for food are produced in the company.

A police spokesman: “The fire brigade comrades could not prevent the complete destruction. The damage was initially estimated at around one million euros. “

Two fire investigators are now investigating how the big fire came about.


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