Langenzenn: Passers-by find newborn babies in the meadow

Zirndorf (Bavaria) – Shocking find in Langenzenn (Fürth district)! There a newborn baby was discovered in a meadow early Wednesday morning. The mother of the child could be found, the condition of the baby is critical.

Passers-by discovered the newborn at around 6:40 a.m. in a meadow near the local road. They immediately alerted the police and the ambulance service and looked after the baby until the helpers arrived.

The police at the place where the child was foundPhoto: vifogra

Passers-by discovered the baby in the grass

Passers-by discovered the baby in the grassPhoto: vifogra

The police looked for the mother with rescue helicopters and police dogs and found her around 8 a.m. in her apartment in Langenzenn. Why she abandoned her child on the meadow is still unclear, the criminal police are investigating.

The mother and child were taken to a hospital. The infant’s condition is critical, according to the emergency doctor.


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