Langenfeld: police car crash in chase – three injured

Langenfeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) – Severe accident on Friday night in Langenfeld (Mettmann district). A police car has collided with a car that escapes. There were three injured.

The police had reported a supermarket break-in from the security service at around 2:20 a.m. Cigarettes were stolen. “On the approach, the colleagues saw a fleeing SUV and took up the chase,” said a police spokesman on Friday morning to BILD.

The police were able to catch the fugitive driver a little later

Photo: Patrick Schüller

The fugitive crashed into a tree during his rapid drive and threw him back onto the road. The VW T-Cross stayed there unlit. The officers driving at high speed could no longer evade in time and crashed into the SUV.

The burglar (26) from Duisburg initially fled the completely destroyed vehicle into an adjacent forest and was caught there a short time later by a service dog handler with a dog.

A police helicopter also assisted in the search.

The fugitive and the two police officers (28w, 38m) from the badly demolished patrol car, a Ford S-Max, came to hospitals. The police officers were able to leave the clinic after outpatient treatment. The burglar remained seriously injured on the ward.

During their further investigations, the police officers found the loot from the break-in at the lottery office in the getaway car – a large garbage bag full of cigarette boxes.

During the operations, the Bergische Landstrasse in the area of ​​the accident site was completely closed for several hours. Whether the break-in has something to do with similar supermarket break-ins in Langenfeld and Monheim am Rhein is currently still the subject of police investigations.


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