Landed in Leipzig: Bundeswehr technology returned from Afghanistan

Leipzig –The Bundeswehr has started to relocate material and equipment from operations in Afghanistan. The first cargo plane, an Antonov AN-124, landed at the airport in Leipzig / Halle on Tuesday afternoon.

As the operational command announced on Tuesday, a total of more than 120 vehicles and 6 helicopters should be loaded. The Antonov AN-124 cargo aircraft are used, which are among the largest transport aircraft in the world.

The world’s largest cargo plane is once again in Leipzig – loaded with Bundeswehr technology that was in use in Afghanistan

Photo: Silvio Bürger

In the afternoon the first cargo plane landed at Leipzig / Halle Airport. NATO wants to end its “Resolute Support” training mission in Afghanistan by September at the latest. The majority of the troops will be withdrawn beforehand according to the status of the planning.

Teaser picture

The first plane with Bundeswehr technology from Afghanistan landed on Tuesday, and more will follow



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