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HanoiMr. Hoa’s Phan Tri mutant sword orchid pots used to have the value of “equal to the accumulated heritage of several decades” but now lie idle, no one buys.

The remaining imprint that these orchid pots used to be worth billions of dollars is that they are still placed in a solid iron cage, inside with a monitoring camera attached. “Two years ago, a mutant orchid Phan Tri easily sold 700-800 million dong, a few pots of tubers cost billions, but now no one buys a few million,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, 45 years old.

The man is the owner of an orchid garden of 1,000 m2 in Dong La commune, Hoai Duc district – the capital of northern orchids, adding that not only Sword Phan Trimany other mutant orchids such as 5 white wings Phu Tho, 5 white wings Di Linh, Deer’s eyes, Dancing girl, Hien Oanh… once “more expensive than gold”, now also in a situation to save the garden empty.

Ms. Hoang Lien, the owner of another orchid garden in Dong La, revealed that the price of a kie (the sprouts that develop from the mother’s eyes) in the golden age ranged from a few million to several hundred million dong, now reduced by dozens of times. . “In the past, I only heard that my house had a rare orchid, the phone rang continuously from morning to night to ask to buy plants, the price was constantly raised to fever. Orchid garden was once valued at billions of dollars, now no one Pay attention, just keep it and treat it as a houseplant,” said the 40-year-old woman.

A household grows mutant orchids on the terrace of their private house in Dong La commune, Hoai Duc district. Image: Minh Phuong

Explaining this situation, Ms. Lien said that due to the influence of the two years of the epidemic, meetings and exchanges of people wishing to trade and exchange were suspended. After the epidemic, everyone tightened their spending and investment, no longer interested in luxury hobbies, the sudden viral trend suddenly dropped to the bottom. Traders are shocked to see the value of the kies evaporate by day.

But Mr. Nguyen Nhu Cuong, Director of the Department of Cultivation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the price of orchids at the present time is at true value, there is no price drop. “In the previous stages, this tree has been inflated, exceeding its real value to profit, causing market turmoil, but in recent times, state management agencies have had timely interventions. bring the price spread to normal levels, aiming for a healthy hobby,” said Mr. Cuong. Many households tried to borrow money to trade orchids, hoping to get rich, but soon became disillusioned.

Anh Quoc Dat, 45 years old, from Me Linh district is an example. Following the family business of growing roses and ornamental plants, three years ago, seeing the sudden transactions of orchids earning billions of dong, he decided to make a big investment. Not much experience, but Mr. Dat still spends billions of dong to buy the same 5 white wings Phu Tho, 5 white petals HO, Bach Tuyet… and sell for the difference. At the same time, he also took care of the larger tree, waiting to sell it by centimeters for a profit. In addition to hundreds of plants in the nursery, Mr. Dat also sent them to a number of large gardens in the district to attract visitors.

“Unexpectedly, the price of orchids plummeted so quickly in 2021, the trees that were once valued at hundreds of millions of hours no one bought them, sometimes buyers only paid a few hundred thousand dong. Orchid garden I used to have to protect carefully. , make a solid fence, install a security camera, raise a dog for fear of theft, no one can come in when opening the door,” the man with two children sighed.

To this day, he still regrets, if only at that time had sold early, made a small profit, perhaps he would not have been empty-handed.

A mutant orchid garden of a player in Me Linh district, the peak time when the price of mutant orchids increased, late 2020. Photo: VT

A mutant orchid garden of a player in Me Linh district was once valued at several billion dong at the end of 2020. Photo: VT

Not only traders or players, but long-term orchid farmers are also swayed by mutant varieties. Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa came to orchid farming 12 years ago, the job was quite smooth until the sudden spread of orchid trading emerged, 2017. Then there was an unusual transaction worth a billion dong. in Hoa Binh with a basket of mutant orchids named Giant butterfly.

“For me, it was a shock. I don’t understand why a pot of orchids can be equal to the value of a house,” said Mr. Hoa, recalling the time when the buyer carried the orchid from the auction to the car. lazily followed “as if watching a holy procession”. From that day, people who breed and sell wild orchids like him began to pay attention to the word “mutant”.

But not all mutant orchids keep their prices. In the early years, many names like Phu Tho 5 white wings, Hien Oanh, 5 white wings Hoa Binh make it rain. After only a short time, these categories fell out of favor and were replaced by new names like Bao Duy, Hong Yen Thuy or Dai Thousand Butterfly. A seedling, even a centimeter, costs from 500 million to a billion, traders can profit hundreds of millions after a few days. Therefore, in addition to the sword orchid Phan TriMr. Hoa invested in many other mutant varieties because “never seen making billions of money but as light as pink feathers” as at that time.

At the time of price fever, even when participating in trading, Mr. Hoa also said that the sudden spread was like a speculative action in the bubble-type risk market. “It’s like a game of fire transmission, passed back and forth between merchants, whoever receives the fire in the end will burn their hands,” the man said. He even knows people who have to pay dearly when dealing in fake goods, have to pay money, and even get involved in labor.

After the sudden outbreak of orchid fever receded, it also dragged down the market price of common wild orchids. For nearly a year now, in addition to the loss of revenue from the mutant orchid line, Ms. Lien wants to return to focus on traditional orchids, but the number of buyers has decreased by 50%.

“I’ve never seen the orchid market so bleak. Now I just hope to recover so I can do business with peace of mind,” sighed the woman.

Orchid garden on the terrace of a family in Hoai Duc district.  Photo: Trang Vy

Orchid garden on the terrace of a family in Hoai Duc district. Photo: Trang Vy

Mr. Ta Duy Binh, Chairman of the Dong La Orchid Garden Association, said that the association has about 50 members who are gardeners in the commune. In addition to trading forest orchids, some households also invest in mutant orchids. “But the trading market was almost frozen for two years due to the epidemic and the sudden drop in the price of orchids, causing many households to be affected,” Mr. Binh said.

According to this position, the people who lost money in investing in the spread mutation are quite a lot, but most of them are speculators, surfers, not knowledgeable about orchids as well as the original market. When they lose too much, they accept to disband to switch to other business. As for those who make traditional flowers, when the orchid market suddenly recedes, it is also an opportunity to find and buy those that are not available. Mr. Binh hopes that, whether it is a wild orchid or a mutant, it should return to its original value, which is a hobby for people who are really passionate and love beauty.

Sharing the same opinion, Director of Cultivation Department Nguyen Nhu Cuong advises traders, producers and players of orchids to be alert to tricks to raise prices, need accurate analysis, based on reality, by mutant orchids. Just a product of normal circulation, without originality and history, sooner or later must return to its true value.

“As for transactions that are not transparent, use values ​​are not clear, are not universal for the whole society, just because people follow the trend, sooner or later they will be eliminated,” said Mr. Cuong.

Trang Vy – Minh Phuong


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