Lagotto Romagnolo puppy (ten weeks) finds pot of gold in England

London – Puppy Ollie (ten weeks old) has a golden nose!

Lagotto Romagnolo sniffed out a pot of gold in the fields around Blackpool (England) on his first family walk! Adam Clark (51) had given the water dog to his daughter Alicia (9) shortly before. “Alicia was in seventh heaven when she saw the dog,” says the father. “She immediately had a very special bond with him.”

Adam Clark proudly stands on the dirt road with OlliePhoto: action press

How special the little puppy is, Ollie then showed while going for a walk. Adam Clark: We had been outside ten minutes when Ollie stopped and started digging furiously! In the ground he discovered a heap of gold pieces.”

Clark shows the pot of gold: This

Clark shows the pot of gold: His dog dug up these coinsPhoto: action press

The builder had the find appraised by an expert: the 15 sovereign coins from the 19th century are worth almost £6000 (7232 euros)! Adam Clark proudly says, “A treasure is one thing, but I bought my own prospector. It cost 2400 euros, but after sniffing out the gold, it’s priceless. I tripled my investment.”


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