Lagardère, the end of a French power

The first day of the rest of his life. From this Wednesday, June 30 and the general meeting of the group that bears his name, Arnaud Lagardère will be a vulnerable boss, become a simple shareholder of the family business who, to be no more than a shadow of herself , still embraces Europe 1, “Paris Match”, “the Journal du Dimanche”, the Relay shops, the Asterix comics, the books of Guillaume Musso … Here he is surrounded by a quartet of sharks, all present in his capital: Vincent Bolloré (through Vivendi), Bernard Arnault (LVMH), the Amber Capital fund and Qatar. Since 2003, Lagardère fils had benefited from an anomaly. On the death of his father Jean-Luc, he had inherited an industrial-media empire protected by a totem of immunity: a legal status of “sponsorship by shares”, which made him untouchable by other shareholders, even majority shareholders. , whatever its strategic wanderings. His peers, the bankers, the financial analysts could well rebel, he was passing through the drops.

Lagardère, battlefield between Arnault and Bolloré

Painfully, he acts the end of this sponsorship, yielding to a pressure that has become untenable. Arnaud Lagardère will no longer be master at home but president of a classic public limited company, in other words “transferable” by its board of directors. The question of its longevity still electrifies the establishment but is at the bottom of the twist. However, what will happen to Europe 1 and Hachette Livre is

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