Laetitia Avia: “We will give social networks obligations of moderation”

The anti-hate online law is back. After having been largely censored by the Constitutional Council last June, the law then known as “Avia”, named after the deputy La République en Marche (LREM) who carried it, is back, integrated into the bill to fight against separatism. Exclusively for “l’Obs”, Laetitia Avia, Member of Parliament for Paris and spokesperson for LREM, details the next steps. Interview.

What has happened since the censorship of your law against cyber hate by the Constitutional Council?

Many things. On June 18, the Council pointed to a number of difficulties in the text, on the balance to be found to better protect freedom of expression. But that did not make the problem of this exacerbation of hateful content, which undermines everyone’s safety, disappear, and there was never any question of giving up.

Today, with the group La République en Marche, we have confirmed that the issue of removing content in twenty-four hours is no longer the hobbyhorse. Rather, we want to focus on the process leading to the withdrawal, with much greater demand and vigilance.

This will be carried out at the beginning of December with two texts: first at the European level with the Digital Services Act, on which I am in contact with the Commissioner [européen au marché intérieur] Thierry Breton and which will be published on December 2; then with the bill to fight separatism, which will be presented

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