Kyrgios wants to kick fans, question referees and kick journalists at Wimbledon

(Sports news, tennis news) Nick Kyrgios has many inappropriate actions in the Wimbledon 2022 final.

Video Kyrgios messed up the pitch, asking the referee to kick a drunk female audience:

In the first time playing a Grand Slam final, also facing Novak Djokovic for the third time, Nick Kyrgios confidently thought about the championship when in both previous times he had won against the “elder”.

Kyrgios demanded to expel fans, questioned the referee and "spin kick"  journalist at Wimbledon - 1

Kyrgios complained to the referee, he wanted to kick a female spectator in the stands

In fact, the “bad boy” of Australia was able to think about the Wimbledon trophy when he won the first Nole set of the final on the evening of July 10. But this is also the time for Djokovic to prove his bravery, he won 3 sets in a row, thereby winning the 7th Wimbledon Cup, reaching the 21st Grand Slam in his career.

Losing the 2nd set, entering the 3rd set, Kyrgios could not keep his composure and got into unnecessary arguments with the referee and the audience. The Australian player got angry in the third set, after losing the serve game for Nole to win 5-4. He said that a female audience member constantly shouted from the front row, causing herself to lose her serve.

The Australian tennis player approached the referee and argued, he loudly said: “I mentioned it but you didn’t believe it and she yelled. Why is she still here? Throw her out. She looks like she’s been drinking. That’s 700 glasses of wine. She’s drunk. Why would she accept this in the most important match of the tournament?”

After losing the game at the end of the second set, the Australian player also looked up in the stands, looked at his team, and said: “Why didn’t you say something? 40-0 but no one said anything.”

To curb Kyrgios’ loss of composure, his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi stood up and clapped her hands to comfort the 27-year-old tennis player.

The Australian player is also facing a penalty when he breaks the dress code for the third time at Wimbledon. Twice before, he was reminded when he entered the court with a red hat and red shoes, this time when he stood up to accept the award, the 27-year-old player wore a red hat.

This is contrary to Wimbledon’s all-white regulations, the British press said that the Australian player did not care, or deliberately ignored the rules of the tournament.

Kyrgios demanded to expel fans, questioned the referee and "spin kick"  journalist at Wimbledon - 3

Kyrgios wasn’t allowed to wear a red hat but he did it anyway

Press conference after the match, Kyrgios was asked “should you change your attitude when playing?”, the Australian tennis player was somewhat annoyed, he answered the journalist: “You should ask this to 126 players. the rest, the two of us are in the final so there’s no need to change. If you win the tournament, you have it all and nobody talks about your attitude anymore.”

When asked about his upcoming plans, Kyrgios knows he will take time to relax: “I’m not craving anything. I’m very tired, need time to rest. I want to treat myself to a trip. luxurious”.


Djokovic won Wimbledon, Kyrgios called Nole

(Tennis news) Kyrgios had a good word for Djokovic after the Wimbledon final.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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