Korean style seaweed rice roll

The dish is attractive thanks to its eye-catching colors, the aroma of rice, crispy vegetables, fried eggs and rich sausages.

You just need to follow a few simple steps below, you will easily have Korean-style seaweed rice rolls to entertain the whole family.

Each piece of seaweed rice roll has an eye-catching color and delicious taste.


– Rice: 200 grams.

– Seaweed, cucumber, carrot, sausage, egg.

– Fish sauce, seasoning seeds, scallions, chili sauce.


Preliminary treatment:

– Carrots peeled, washed, cut into slices. Put on the stove and cook for about 5 minutes. Then cut into long, thin bars.

– Cucumber peeled, washed and cut into long, thin bars.

– Cut sausages into long bars.

– When the rice is cooked, put it in a bowl and scoop out the rice grains.

– Fry eggs into thin layers, cut into strands about half a finger wide.


– Spread seaweed leaves on a plate and then spread the rice evenly over the seaweed.

– Put eggs, sausages, cucumbers, carrots in turn on the rice and roll it up, cut off your hands. After the roll is complete, cut each slice to taste.

Complete seaweed and vegetable rice rolls with just a few simple steps.

Complete seaweed and vegetable rice rolls with just a few simple steps.

Finished products:

The dish is fragrant with rice, crispy vegetables, fried eggs and rich sausages, can be dipped with chili sauce.

Good luck with this recipe!

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