Know how you can do video or voice calling through GOOGLE Assistant, follow these steps

Google keeps bringing some new features for the convenience of users. In this link, Google had added a feature in Google Assistant some time back. Through this new feature, now users can make WhatsApp video or voice calls only by using their voice. This means that WhatsApp calls can also be made through voice commands with the help of this feature. These days when people are doing work from home due to corona infection, during this time this feature can prove to be of great use.

What do video or voice calls require?

To do this you will need Android 5.0 or above. Also, Google App version 6.13 or greater will be required and Google Play Services is also needed. A screen resolution of 720p or more is also required.

Follow these steps

1- Open it by clicking on Google Assistant through the wake-up word or dedicated button

2- Then only order your assistant to make a voice or video call through WhatsApp

3- In this step, tell the assistant the same name of the contact as the name in which you have saved his number. Like you can say make a whatsapp to mummy.

4- After doing this, Google will call that person directly through WhatsApp.

While following these steps, you need to pay attention that you have to give commands separately for voice calls and video calling. Also, it is to be noted that more than one number will not be selected. By doing this, you can easily call on Google Assistant’s through WhatsApp from whom you want to talk.

So by adopting all these steps, you can make a video or WhatsApp call directly through Google Assistant. You also feel how fun.


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