Knackis in fear: Poisoner is now working in the prison kitchen

As baby food blackmailer from Lake Constance, Jochen S. (57) kept the police in suspense for two weeks in autumn 2017. He had poisoned ethylene glycol in several glasses of baby food and was sentenced to ten and a half years in prison.

Now he’s causing trouble again – this time among his fellow prisoners. Because the JVA Freiburg uses the poison mixer in the kitchen of all places, when the food is served.

Dennis S. (30) is worried. The security guard is four years old because of burglary and is athletic, fit and very health-conscious. “I consider the fact that a poisoner works in the prison kitchen to be a danger to life and limb,” he says.

In mid-September 2017, Jochen S. sent emails to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), a consumer organization and several drugstore and food companies. In it he explained that he had poisoned five baby food jars and deposited them in several supermarkets in Friedrichshafen. He demanded 11.75 million euros, divided into 35,000 bills – otherwise he would continue. It is only thanks to this warning that he was not convicted of attempted murder.

Dennis S. takes it on with everyone – but the kitchen of the JVA Freiburg taught him to fearPhoto: Dennis Staack/Instagram

The poisoner’s new job gives his fellow convicts severe stomach ache. “The convict is said to have been spat on by a fellow inmate as part of the food distribution,” says Till-Alexander Hoppe (52), Dennis S.

That’s what the JVA says

When asked by BILD, prison director Michael Völkel confirmed the spat in prison: “It is true that individual prisoners complained that a certain fellow prisoner was used to serve food.” He denies the attack.

However, the head of the prison sees no problem in Jochen S.’s canteen job: “In principle, prisoners are only used for certain tasks, including serving food, after a thorough examination, if the responsible officials see no risk of abuse and the prison does not have security concerns. It should also be pointed out that the serving of food by the deployed prisoners is not unsupervised.”

Fellow prisoner is concerned

Dennis S. finds the statement by the prison management anything but reassuring. “Any sex offender is prohibited from caring for and supervising young people because similar crimes are expected in such a context,” he explains through his lawyer. “The same applies to tax evaders, who are often banned from trading. Violent offenders are often banned from carrying weapons.”

Lawyer Hoppe: “My client cannot help but get the impression that the lives of a large number of prisoners are being played with.”

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