‘Kitchen story 7.0’ – the playground emphasizes family values

Vicostone organized a contest “Kitchen Story 7.0” – where the story of design, construction and use of kitchen space was shared with a total prize of up to 100 million VND.

With the desire to honor family values, create a forum for kitchen lovers to share creative solutions in the design and decoration of the kitchen, the luxury quartz stone brand Vicostone organizes the contest ” Kitchen Story 7.0 “. Here, readers talk about cooking, “small but martial” tips, the journey of mastering the kitchen to help a relaxed and happy life.

The kitchen is the heart of every house. Image: Vicostone.

The contest is for everyone who has a passion for creating living spaces, and organizes an online show from November 6 to 30. With prizes up to nearly 100 million.

– 1 first prize: 10 million in cash with a 10 million dong voucher to buy Vicostone stones (voucher applies to orders worth at least 20 million dong).

– 1 Second Prize: VND 5 million in cash + VND 10 million voucher to buy Vicostone stone (Voucher is applicable for orders worth at least 20 million VND).

– 1 Third Prize: 3 million VND in cash + 5 million VND voucher to buy Vicostone stone (Voucher applies to orders worth at least 13 million VND).

– Quartz Prize for Vicostone stone users: 5 million VND in cash + 10 million VND voucher to buy Vicostone stone (Voucher is applicable for orders worth at least 20 million VND).

– Top prize: 5,000,000 VND.

– Award for the best article of Vicostone staff: 5,000,000 VND each.

– The prize for the article with the highest votes of Vicostone staff members: 2,000,000 VND each.

– Prize for the first 10 exam papers sent in 10 days of launching the contest: 500,000 VND each

To participate in the contest, players follow 2 steps:

Step 1: Access link: bep7-0.vicostone.com register to participate, then post 3 photos of the topic and article (no more than 1000 words) to share about your own “secrets” in the public. housework, daily housework and press “Submit”.

– Step 2: After confirmation from the organizers, players share their posts on Facebook to public with hashtag # Bep7.0 #toichonVicostone and call for votes. All details about the contest can be found here.

Kitchen Story 7.0 has a prize of up to 100 million VND.

Kitchen story 7.0 “has a prize of up to 100 million VND. Vicostone.

For the family, the kitchen is the daily cooking place, containing the sky of love. We can easily see the image of the mother slicing onions every morning, daddy working hard to repair the old cupboard that was broken by a termite more than half of the support bar in many sharing about the kitchen. We seem to find ourselves in a foolish day, being scolded by our mothers for a few sentences but not eating food, so that it is not until the whole family goes to bed that we dare to grop to the kitchen, open the pot to “eat awkwardly”.

When they have their own family, each person realizes many of the family’s spiritual values ​​through their familiar kitchen. To have a satisfactory kitchen, we must spend a lot of time learning about the design style, layout, arrangement and application in the members’ lifestyle.

That kitchen can be spacious, equipped, can be small, still sketchy, just enough to serve daily essential cooking needs but is always a special place of the house, containing full stories. each person’s feelings.

Le Nguyen

Vicostone of the Phenikaa Group is one of the three largest quartz manufacturers in the world on high-grade quartz-based artificial rock. In addition to the outstanding features of durability, strength, waterproofing, scratch resistance, Vicostone has achieved rigorous quality testing standards, granted international certificates including NSF, Greenguard Gold, CE mark Absolute safety for the health of users, ensuring anti-bacteria, outstanding anti-fouling.

With more than 130 designs, colors and designs inspired by the beauty of nature, Vicostone stone surface creates creative inspiration for living space, is the first choice for surface applications such as tea tables, tables. kitchen, bathroom, decor to create accents … suitable for each individual’s style.

Vicostnoe stone is present in more than 40 countries, conquering strict markets such as the US, Canada, Europe …

Vicostnoe 15 years warranty for genuine products.

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