King level upstream of billiards helped Quyet Chien win the all-star Vietnamese championship

Sunday, October 18, 2020 00:12 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Player Tran Quyet Chien continued to have a classy upstream victory that helped him win the Vietnam all-star billiard championship with a bonus of 40 million VND.

The final match of the 3-band carom tournament in Ho Chi Minh City expanded the From 2020 trophy, which took place on the evening of October 17, received a lot of attention from fans. Seed No. 1 Tran Quyet Chien faced a very high-performing player Truong Quang Hao, who had previously eliminated Nguyen Quoc Nguyen in the quarterfinals.

Quyet Chien won the championship with a spectacular upstream victory

Quang Hao demonstrates why he is really Quyet Chien’s strongest opponent in this tournament when he joined a series of 10 points. This player constantly makes the opponent work hard to chase. At the end of the first half, Quang Hao outstripped Quyet Chien by 10 points (23-13).

However, in the second half, Quyet Chien had a spectacular transformation. He scored a lot and led Quang Hao with a difference of 32-25 after a series of 12 points. Taking advantage of the stunned opponent, Quyet Chien quickly finished with the score 40-31 after 16 turns.

Not only is the number 1 player in Vietnam, Quyet Chien is also compared by fans as “the king of the upstream”. The persistent fighting style and not giving up has helped the country capitalist Ca Mau to create classic reverse victories against many world superstars such as “Genius” Frederic Caudron, or “Prodigy” Cho Myung Woo.

With the championship in this tournament, Quyet Chien received a bonus of 40 million VND. In addition, he also received the excellent series award worth 13 million VND with the 15-point baseline scored in round 1/32.

Truong Quang Hao was runner-up and received 20 million VND. Nguyen Quang Cuong and Tran Manh Hung, tied for third place, received 10 million dong. Tran Manh Hung received another “Best Game” prize worth 13 million VND with the performance of 3.75 (3.75 points / turn).

After this tournament, the Vietnamese 3-band carom players will continue to participate in the 259 Club Cup competition held in Binh Thanh District (Ho Chi Minh City) from October 21-26.

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