King Abode: Man bitten, but conviction questionable

Of: M. Tabaczynski

Dresden – A few weeks ago the self-proclaimed “King Abode” (in German: “King’s Residence”) gave himself up before the Kamenz district court. The Libyan who was obliged to leave the country said he was no longer the same as he used to be – and got away with a fine.

On Monday, Mohamed Youssef T. (24) had to appear before the district court in Dresden.

The case was four years ago and is not included in the previous convictions (currently 16 months probation).

According to the indictment, he is said to have insulted, attacked and threatened with death two men in one go. He is also said to have bitten one in the forearm. He also fought heavily against the federal police officers who were called in.

In court, T. claimed that he was insulted by the men first. He admitted the bite.

Since Abode is on probation, the court now wants to examine how he behaved on probation. Therefore the trial was suspended.

Remarkable: If this went well, it would even be possible to suspend the proceedings – despite nine entries in the criminal records (including damage to property, dangerous bodily harm, possession of drugs), according to the judge.


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