Kim Hue volleyball beauty shows off her bikini figure

Tuesday, 11/10/2020 00:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) The famous Vietnamese volleyball village beauty, Pham Kim Hue, posted a charming photo when wearing a bikini “burning eyes” in the cold weather with the message “like sentence” meaning.

The volleyball beauty Kim Hue “cut the heart” of thousands of fans: Bikini “extremely good hearing”

On November 5, on his personal Facebook page, Pham Kim Hue, once a volleyball beauty, caught attention when posting a photo of her in a black bikini showing her beauty “challenge time” while immersed in Blue water breaks in the middle of the swimming pool in early winter.

Kim Hue showed off her beautiful photos when she was dressed in a bikini with a green swimming pool

Along with this “hot eye” photo, the former full-fledged woman of the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team did not forget to write a caption that carries a heavy self-mind:

“When life is too busy to take your breath away, stop confronting it. Go somewhere far, really quiet, take a deep breath, breathe hard to get everything back into balance. Others talk about how to live. It doesn’t matter to you how you live, it has nothing to do with people. If you want to have a good life, don’t care about them … “

This photo of Kim Hue has attracted more than 1,200 times of “Like” and “Drop Heart” and many sobbing comments from fans.

Thu Hoai and the Bank of Industry and Trade won a dramatic victory for the number 1 candidate to win the National U23 Championship

The first U23 national volleyball tournament is taking place attractively at the sports stadium of Dak Nong province. In the women’s content, in the second match in Group B, at noon 9/11, U23 Bank for Industry and Trade with the second star of the national team Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai excellently overcame the top candidate for the U23 championship LienVietPostBank information with the score 3-2.

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue shows off her bikini figure - 2

Thu Hoai and U23 Bank of Industry and Trade are playing very well in Group B of the National Championship U23 2020

Before that, in the opening match, Industrial and Commercial Bank U23 won Hanoi U23 3-1. Meanwhile, LienVietPostBank Information U23 just received its first defeat after overcame U23 Binh Dien Long An 3-1 in the opening match.

Also in the content for men, in Group A, U23 City. Ho Chi Minh plays impressively when he has won 2 consecutive games against Trang An Ninh Binh (3-0) and U23 The Cong (3-1).

Thu Huyen “listens” with shimmering beautiful pajamas and a witty message

While attending the U23 National Women’s Volleyball Tournament 2020 in Dak Nong with LienVietPostBank U23, hot girl volleyball Dang Thu Huyen posted a photo of her professionally posing as a model when wearing. white pajamas in my room.

The 1.75m high pass athlete also “listens” to the fans with a humorous message: “People than me are not lacking, but people like me do not.”

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue shows off her bikini figure - 3

Dang Thu Huyen is dressed in charming pajamas

Using professional volleyball skills, American women attracted special attention at weddings

Shalyn Greenhaw, a beautiful 24-year-old former volleyball player from Wisconsin (USA), surprised many guests when he used his proficient jumping skills to jump up and embrace the bridal bouquet. married to best friend Alyssa Folkerts in Nebraska last year. This video clip has “caused fever” on social networks Instagram.

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue shows off her bikini figure - 4

Shalyn Greenhaw captured the bridal bouquet in her best friend’s wedding

Shalyn’s boyfriend, Corey Brent, when he was directed by the camera, was also quite surprised and he skillfully “hit the drum” when he took a sip of wine and turned away.

Meanwhile, Shalyn revealed in Mail Online that she enjoyed applying her professional volleyball skills to many areas of her life off the pitch: “I always try to turn everything in life into one. competition. It keeps life fun and enjoyable. “

Video of volleyball beauty Shalyn Greenhaw shows her talent to catch the bridal bouquet in her friend’s wedding:

Touching: The women’s volleyball team won the championship for the fourth year in a row to pay tribute to his deceased teacher

According to Trib Live, on Friday (November 6), Bishop Canevin – a women’s volleyball club defeated his high school-aged rival Greensburg Central Catholic after only 3 sets with a score of 25- 19, 26-24, 25-21 to win the championship for the fourth consecutive year in the WPIAL group A volleyball tournament in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue shows off her bikini figure - 6

The girls Bishop Canevin’s delight for the fourth year in a row championship

This is a meaningful gift that Bishop Canevin gave to Kevin Walters, the coach who led them 14 years and passed not long ago.


The beautiful volleyball Linh Chi - Hong Nhung shines down Thanh Thuy, holding the championship

(Sports news, tennis news) The volleyball of LienVietPostBank Information like Linh Chi, Au Hong Nhung or Bui Thi Nga … just …


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