Killer dentist has to go to prison for life – maximum penalty!

keel – Judgment in the trial of the killer dentist!

On Monday, the district court in Kiel sentenced the confessing Dr. Hartmut F. for the insidious murder of his wife Hanna F. († 43), their new partner Tobias H. († 53) and their mutual family friend Carsten B. († 52) to life imprisonment. The court also determined the particular gravity of the guilt. This means that early parole is almost impossible.

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Hanna F. († 43) was shot from a submachine gun by her separated husband


Judge Jörg Brommann (64) on the verdict: “The guilt weighs particularly heavily.”

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On May 19, 2021, the dentist killed his estranged wife Hanna (43) and her new partner Tobias H. (53) with a hail of bullets from his submachine gun in Dänischenhagen (north of Kiel). A coroner testified during the hearing that the couple received a total of 48 bullets, hitting almost every part of their bodies. The 48-year-old then got into his car and visited their friend Carsten B. (52) in Kiel. Because he is said to have repeatedly reported to Hanna about the unfaithful dentist’s infidelities and because Hartmut F. blamed him for the failure of his marriage, he shot him with a semi-automatic pistol.

Carsten B. in particular is said to have repeatedly warned about F. in advance and said, for example, before a planned Easter fire: “What do you do when the lunatic shows up with a gun?”

Hanna, who leaves behind four children between the ages of 8 and 15, has long suffered from the attacks of her gun-loving husband. Again and again he is said to have cheated, threatened and beat her. He did not want to accept a separation. A friend of the dead said during the trial that the 48-year-old asked his wife shortly before the crime: “Does something have to happen first?”

Tobias H. was the new partner of Hanna F. († 53, kitesurfer and sales representative)

Kitesurfer and sales representative Tobias H. was the new partner of Hanna F. († 53)

Photo: private

Shortly after the murders, emergency services immediately launched a large-scale manhunt, searching at high pressure for the initially unknown shooter. It was only in the evening that the triple murderer turned himself in to the Hamburg police, handed in his pistol and admitted to having killed three people.

Carsten B. († 52, electrical engineer) was the third fatality

Carsten B. († 52, electrical engineer) is the third fatality

Photo: private

In a letter the dentist wrote to a friend while in custody, he explained that he had killed three people: “Having to live with the guilt of being a murderer is the worst punishment.”

But the 48-year-old would actually have liked to have killed another person. Unbelievable! During the trial it came out that family lawyer Thomas W. (65) was also on his death list. He stood by Hanna against her abusive husband and represented her, among other things, when it came to custody of their four children. According to BILD information, the dentist had made an appointment several days before the murders in W.’s office under the false name “Müller”. When he was arrested, he still had the slip of paper in his pocket with the appointment set for 11 a.m. on the day of the murders. Mobile phone data also shows that the killer stood in front of the law firm for a long time between the crimes. What discouraged him from his plan? Not known until today.

After the killer dentist was arrested, there was still no trace of one of the murder weapons. Friend and millionaire’s son Philipp R. (48) is said to have taken the “Uzi” type war weapon, disassembled it and sunk it in the water in several places.

Police divers recovered the parts a few days after the crime.

In this house in Dänischenhagen, the police found the two bodies of Hanna F. and her new boyfriend Tobias H.

In this house in Dänischenhagen, the police found the two bodies of Hanna F. and her new boyfriend Tobias H.

Photo: Frank Molter/dpa

During the trial, the question of the criminal responsibility of the triple murderer was also examined. For this purpose, the psychiatric expert Dr. Thomas Bachmann (52) a comprehensive report on the psychological condition of the accused.

Dentist Hartmut F. (48) lived in this house with his wife and four children - three boys and a girl (15, 14, 11 and 8)

Dentist Hartmut F. (48) lived in this house with his wife and four children – three boys and a girl (15, 14, 11 and 8)

Photo: Marco Zitzow

The expert is certain: Hartmut F. killed in a targeted, deliberate and insidious manner. Because: There is no abrupt sequence of events, no indication of an affective act. Rather, the dentist brought his weapons with him and prepared the crime meticulously.

Divers find parts of the disassembled weapon

Divers find parts of the disassembled weapon

Photo: Marco Zitzow

With the verdict of three treacherous murders, the court follows the demand of the public prosecutor.

The verdict is not yet legally binding.


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