Kidnapped three months ago – More than 100 students in Nigeria finally free!

In Nigeria, more than 100 schoolchildren kidnapped in May have been released.

The headmaster of the facility in Tegina in the north-west of the country told the AFP news agency: “The students have all been released. We’re bringing her home now. “

According to this, six of the students died in captivity, and 15 more were able to flee in June.

Director Abubakar Alhassan did not provide exact numbers of how many children and young people had been freed. However, he stated that “none of the students” were in captivity any longer. He did not provide any details on how the prisoners were released or whether a ransom was paid.

The children were kidnapped in May, some of them are just five years old.

In the north-west and in the center of Nigeria there are repeated attacks, looting and mass kidnappings by criminal gangs. This year, the criminals increasingly targeted schoolchildren and students in order to extort ransom. Around 1,000 schoolchildren have been kidnapped since December. Most were released after negotiations, but many are still being held in camps in the forest.


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