Keep these things in mind while charging the phone, the life of the battery will be long

How to Charge your Smartphone : Nowadays every person is using smartphone. People are also very alert about this. Many people pay a lot of attention to phone care. From the screen guard to the back cover, he wants to keep the phone safe, but all this is a kind of external care. Amidst all this, the one real concern that people do not pay attention to is the charging of the smartphone. Often people make mistakes regarding phone charging. This not only damages the charger, but also affects your phone. Today we will tell what things should be kept in mind during charging.

That’s why it is important to pay attention to the charger

When you want to charge the phone, you pick up the charger. Put the pin in the phone and plug it in the electric board. After this your phone starts charging, but this process is not that easy either. Any charger first converts AC power into DC by taking power from the board and then transmits it to your device. This is the reason why they are also called adapters.

These things should be kept in mind

If you do not want to see your smartphone getting damaged just because of charging, then you should take care of the things mentioned below.

1. Don’t fall for cheap chargers

It is seen that if the charger gets damaged then people find another charger cheaper. They take cheap charger in order to save money, which is not right. A bad cable may damage your charger. Such cables do not even support fast charging. This also affects the charging.

2. Do not use other’s charger

You must have seen many times from office to home that they ask for a charger from someone else and start charging their phone. You may also do this, but this method is also not right. Because every phone has its own software, the battery is different, so their charging is also different. If we put a charger of another model in our phone, then it not only damages the charging port, but also affects the charging speed and battery capacity.

3. Best Original Charger

The best way to charge the phone is to charge it with the original charger. With this, not only will your phone charge faster, but its battery, its port and charger will also be safe. Also avoid giving your charger to others.

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